The Brothers


Peirene Press, 2012
A Shakespearean drama from icy Finland

Finland, 1809. Henrik and Erik are brothers who fought on opposite sides in the war between Sweden and Russia. With peace declared, they both return to their snowed-in farm. But who is the master? Sexual tensions, old grudges, family secrets: all come to a head in this dark and gripping saga.

‘a brooding family drama that has something of the timeless quality of good soap opera’ Nicholas Lezard, Guardian

’intense hatreds trickle through this short novel like meltwater’ Observer 

‘intensely visual … a brooding, atmospheric, Scandinavian late night movie’ Independent on Sunday

’a heart-stoppingly intense historical novel of grand scope’ The White Review

‘This short, intense novel examines concepts of home, inheritance and the connection between personal and international conflict.’ Times Literary Supplement


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