Dark As My Heart

Dark As My Heart Dark As My Heart

by Antti Tuomainen
translated from the Finnish by Lola Rogers
published by Harvill Secker, London

A poetic and atmospheric work from Finland’s most lyrical crime writer, this second of Antti Tuomainen’s novels to be translated into English is the story of a working man who takes a job as a caretaker on a millionaire’s estate in the hope that it will lead him to his mother’s killer. As in his prize-winning novel The Healer, Tuomainen creates a hero bent on honoring his loved ones amidst a world of cynicism.

Reviews of Dark As My Heart:

”Dark As My Heart, the most lauded Finnish crime novel of recent years, lives up to its acclaim. The narrator… ..tells the simple story with passion and elegant sadness.”The Times (UK)

“This is an intriguing tense read; fans of crime thrillers will enjoy this story immensely.” – The Nudge

Tuomainen’s style combines raw poetry with truly disturbing terror. He masterfully creates settings and develops characters while pondering on the meanings of vengeance, obsession and the search for justice.” – Crime Review UK

“One of the most compelling, emotionally satisfying and beautifully realised crime thrillers that I have encountered this year. The clarity and deceptively simple style of Tuomainen’s prose is utterly compelling.” – Raven Crime Reads

“Dark, captivating and troubling, this beautifully written book tugs the heart strings and gives us a glimpse of the darkness within.” – Crime Fiction Lover

“DARK AS MY HEART is about as perfect a combination of character, place and plot as I’ve read in a long time.” – Austcrime

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