The Moose Paradox

The Moose Paradox

by Antti Tuomainen
Translated from the Finnish by David Hackston
Orenda Books, 2022

Insurance actuary Henri Koskinen has finally restored order both to his life and to YouMeFun, the adventure park he unexpectedly inherited, when a man from the past appears and turns everything upside down again. To make matters worse, the park’s equipment supplier is taken over by a shady trio with confusing demands and Toy of Finland Ltd refuses to sell him the new Moose Chute he has planned as the park’s main attraction.
Reviews of The Moose Paradox:
Finnish crime maestro Antti Tuomainen is unique in the Scandi-crime genre, infusing his crime narratives with the darkest humour … often hilarious, chaotic narrative never vitiates the novel’s nicely tuned tensionThe Financial Times
Charming, funny and clever, this is a novel to cheer up anyone who is finding life a little tough – Literary Review
A thriller with black comedy worthy of Nabokov – The Daily Telegraph

A Telegraph Book of the Year

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