Tales by Trees

Tales by Trees

by Iiro Küttner and Ville Tietäväinen
translated by Owen F. Witesman
Published by Books North.
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Tales by Trees is a series of illustrated fairy tales for grown-ups. It combines fantasy, nature, wisdom, wonder and folklore into inspiring reading experiences. Each book is a fully self-contained story.

The Carpenter (Book 1)

The emperor’s chief master cabinetmaker is given an order to make whatever his own heart most desires. He knows immediately what he needs to build. But the challenge that he faces has serious consequences on his life and the people he loves.

“It was said that in his hands wood ceased to be wood. In his hands it turned to gold, to beautiful dreams and works of philosophy.” – The Carpenter

The Knight (Book 2)

A young Knight spends his entire life preparing for a battle against the Dragon. The task proves difficult since time passes at a highly accelerated pace in the Dragon’s cave. Ultimately only love can defeat the monster.

“By day the air over the distant mountains seemed to swirl as if stirred by the motions of mighty wings. By night the firmament was black and eerily devoid of stars. As if the very stars had taken fright, fearing that all too soon the dragon’s hunger would reawaken from its age-long sleep.”

The Seafarer (Book 3)

Every day, a Prince goes to the seaside and dreams of sailing away. The sea means everything to him. But as his city is surrounded by desert, it has no ships nor are there trees to build any. The Prince decides to trade his crown to three seeds which are said to be from the Great World Tree itself.

“One branch of this giant tree gave man shelter, another gave him fire. The third branch helped men to cross the waters and conquer the entire earth. It was from parts of this branch that ancient people had shaped the first seafaring craft, and it was from its sprouts that came all trees fit for building ships.”

The Authors

Iiro Küttner is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright and author currently serving as the professor of screenwriting at the Aalto University in Helsinki.

Ville Tietäväinen is an award-winning graphic novelist and visual artist. His works have been published internationally.

“Each reading is like peeling an onion, always uncovering new thoughts or revelations about life.” / Värikäs päivä

“Within the framework of a fairy tale, Küttner writes a story with multiple interpretations, a philosophical lesson and a riddle about the nature of humanity.” / Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

“The Carpenter is a melancholy but wise story, which makes the reader ponder what is ultimately important.” / Anna magazine

“Küttner’s narration shows old-fashioned restraint and unrestrained beauty, as does the whole of Tietäväinen’s graphic design.” / Parnasso

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